Saturday Club Champions Starting Holes

August 15th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Events | Glen Arbour Events | Ladies Events | Men's Events

Tomorrow August 16, 2014 is the first day of the 2014 Glen Arbour Club Championships.

It is an 8:30 SHOT GUN start both Saturday and Sunday.  Prize ceremony and BBQ will be held immediately following the Sunday Round.

Hole # Name
9 Mike Vaughan
9 Ryan Belbin
9 Andrew Cooke
8 Gary Ilsley
8 Al Dube
8 John Havill
7A Dennis Brown
7A Patrick Stiles
7A KC MacDonald
7A Jeff forbes
7B Gary Knickle
7B Colin Sewell
7B Darryl Creaser
7B Ken McNab
6 Darren Kolodychuk
6 Andy Allen
6 Jay MacIsaac
6 Mike Bagnall
5 Ben Young
5 Glen Leblanc
5 Stacy Arseneault
4 Pierre Meagher
4 Jim McGivern
4 Darren Zwicker
3 Jim Isnor
3 Steve Durrell
3 Chris Woodman
2A Terry Thorne
2A Paul Blades
2A Scott Morgan
2A Wayne Arseneault
2B Tim Hill
2B Paul Fagan
2B Jim Stanick
2B Glen McGrath
1 Dirk Romyn
1 Micheal Byrne
1 Todd Snook
1 David Pappin
10 June Barrett
10 Kim Thomson
10 Linda Thorne
11 Millie Forbes
11 Evie MacDonald
11 Sharon Kazmel
12 Sarah Mackinnon
12 Kim Caddell
12 Marie Fagan
13 Carolyn James
13 Wanda Murphy
13 Karen Durrell
13 Patsy Simon


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