Glen Arbour Golf Association

The Glen Arbour Golf Association was formed in 2006 to provide a wide range of golf and social events to the residents of Glen Arbour. The diverse schedule of golf related activities is designed to appeal to golfers of all abilities and handicap levels. The calendar of social events affords opportunities for enjoyable entertainment and themed dining occasions that are appealing to both golfers and non golfers alike.

Attention!!  If you have changed your email address in the past year please send us a note at admin@gagagolf.ca so we can update our email list to make sure that you receive all GAGA information.

 2013 Sponsors Full

Five principal objectives provide the framework for our non profit organization:

  • To stimulate interest in golf by offering various competitive and non competitive golf events that appeal to members of all playing abilities. We seek to preserve the spirit of the game as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.
  • To provide a platform that fosters a beneficial sense of community. Our social and non golf events promote fun and fellowship while providing an easy atmosphere in which to meet neighbors and form new friendships.
  • To provide educational and instructional opportunities to better understand the RCGA rules of golf.
  • To enable access to and use of an approved Handicap System to ensure provision of handicap cards for sanctioned competitive events and an equitable and fair basis for all members to compete in GAGA sponsored events.
  • To assist the Glen Arbour Golf Club as requested or needed in staging their community wide competitions and events.

Membership in the Glen Arbour Golf Association is open to residents of all ages who share our passion for golf and fun. We encourage you to join our association and support our community minded sponsors.