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May 28th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Documents

Dear Neighbor,

As we anxiously await the spring opening of the Glen Arbour golf course, now is the time to renew your GAGA membership or, if you are a new resident, we urge you to consider becoming a new member of our golf association.

We have a full itinerary of golf related activities as well as social events planned for the upcoming 2015 season.  Come out and challenge your golf skills and socialize with your neighbors.

It promises to be a great year full of fun and excitement.  Don’t forget to check out our website at gagagolf.ca for more information on our Association, coming events, sponsor details, how to get involved and much more!

New this year – also included with each membership is a Glen Arbour Golf Association Bag Tag. Don’t forget, we’re always looking for volunteers – whether it’s an executive position or helping out with a tournament or special event – if you’re interested, please contact one of our board members.


Mike Vaughan

GAGA treasurer

Fill out the questions below and mail your dues to us with cheques made payable to Glen Arbour Golf Association


Glen Arbour Golf Association                                                                     Current Executive Committee:

c/o Mike Vaughan – Treasurer                                                                       President: Steve Elder

68 Greenside Lane, Hammonds Plains, NS  B4B 1X9                                  Vice President: Sandy Hines   

                                                                                                                                Treasurer: Mike Vaughan

DUES:                                                                                                                    Secretary: Judy Hines      

2 Golf Memberships:     $40.00

1 Golf Membership:       $25.00

Social Member:               $10.00


Member # 1: ___________________________________            Golf ___  Social ___  (check one)


Member # 2: ___________________________________           Golf ___  Social ___  (check one)


Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:_________________  Email Address 1: ________________________________________                                                                                                                            Email Address 2: ________________________________________

Questions?         Feel free to Contact us:  admin@gagagolf.ca



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