October 16, 2018

Morning Men’s League

Note: Book using Tee-on:

The following dates are official days for our league play during October:  Thurs Oct 4, Tues Oct 9, Tues Oct 16, Tues Oct 23 and our final for the year Thurs Oct. 25.

Weekly, a dedicated block of times each week that is set aside for Men’s league play. There is no fee or competition, this is strictly meant to be an opportunity to play with other men in the neighborhood at a pre-set time each week (usually between 9-9:30 am). Often, we each put a toonie into a kitty to see who is closest to a selected par 3 hole for that day.

To book a time, go to Tee-on, select ‘League Players Enter Here’ option and enter your ID number and PW provided by the Pro shop. Finally, go to the GA Day Mens option to select your date and time preferences. Alternatively, you can go to or phone the pro shop to book a time (902) 835-4653.

Note: to have your name show on the Tee-on booked playlist, go to ‘Menu’, then ‘My account’, then ‘Preferences’. Near the bottom of that page, there is a checklist where you can check ‘Show name in leagues’. 


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