October 23, 2018

Morning Mens league

Come on out on Wednesday night for golf, followed by drinks and prizes in the clubhouse.
18 hole times are set aside between 3:00 – 3:30, and the 9 hole times are 5:30 and onwards.

To book a tee time set aside by the pro shop, go to Tee-on.   Select the ‘League Players Enter Here‘ option then put in your user ID and PW provided by the Pro shop.  Finally, select ‘Men’s night‘ option to select your time and group if you already know who you want to play with. In order to use Tee-on, you need to be set up at the pro shop first (you only need to do this once).  Of course, you can always sign up for Men’s night golf by going to or phoning the pro shop (902) 835-4653.

The cost to participate is $5 weekly, and we also have a season-long Eclectic (Ringerboard) option.

All Men’s night competitions are based on net scores.


$ Free

Open to Glen Arbour residents only