October 20, 2019

Ironman/Tombstone 2019 Sunday Oct 20

Our last event of the year is one of the most fun! Golfers are given the option to play in either the Ironman, or Tombstone.


The Ironman is a straight up stroke play, played from the longest set of tees, and with some very tricky pin positions!


The Tombstone is played at the same time with the same pins. The tombstone is a handicapped event. For example…if you are a 20 handicap, you place your “tombstone” wherever you play your 92 nd shot (par 72 + 20 hdcp). Whoever makes it furthest along the course determines the winner. This is a really fun event, and great way to wrap-up our season.

These events are run at the same time, and surely not to be missed. Scheduled start time is for 12 noon, however could be subject to change with advanced notice.

12:00 pm

$ Free

There is no charge for this event.