September 21, 2018

Last Official Friday Fun Night of 2018

Golf fun: Sign-up in advance at the pro shop or call (902) 835-4653.  Golf starts at 5:30 pm Friday, June 29th.

There is no official competition part to the golf this year. Come on out, make up your own groups, or grab a few other people waiting to play…and go have fun! Play any format you like, whether it’s a scramble or your own ball…you make the rules! We will have some closest to the holes each week and things like that……..go have fun!

 After-golf entertainment: Sugar n’ Grit

The last official FFN will be this Friday September 21st. Don’t worry though, we have something planned to wrap-up the year…more on that below (Apres golf October 20th) For September 21st, we will have Mark Hippern and his bass player coming in to play for us. Mark and his various accompaniments have been a great addition to our FFN’s this year, so if you haven’t heard them yet, make sure you get out for the last show!

$ Free