Men’s and Ladies Opening – Update

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The Men’s Opening Tournament scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday May 25th) has been postponed due to incoming weather.

The new date for the Men’s opening is now 8:00 a.m. on June 15th. A new sign up sheet will be in GAGA binder in the pro-shop tomorrow.

Ladies Opening Tournament for Sunday is still on!

Here are the groups and the tee times

  1. Tee Time – 10:10Lorraine Driscoll

    Rhonda Grandy

    Pauline Dickson

    Joan Ramsay

  2. Tee Time – 10:20Linda Sutherland

    Susan Mallard

    Elvie MacDonald

    Marie Fagan

  3. Tee Time – 10:30Elaine McGivern- Cancelled

    Lisa Zwicker

    Cathy Love

    Julie Cairns

  4. Tee Time – 10:40Chris Anne Ingram

    Sylvianne Forbes

    Kim Caddell

    Sarah Mackinnon

  5. Tee Time – 10:50Patsy Simon

    Brenda Mcgrath

    Debbie Bodnarchuk

    Sharron Kazmel

  6. Tee Time – 11:00Karen Durrell

    Kathy McNab

    Ann Romyn

    Carolyn James

  7. Tee Time – 11:10Wanda Murphy

    Millie Forbes

    Joan Hilton

    Rosella Byrne

Organized by: Judy/Sandy Hines, Ken McNab and Kathy McNab

Tombstone & Iron Man Tee times

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Please find your tee time for the Tombstone/Iron Man events on Sunday October 14th below:

Tombstone Groups & Tee Times

  1. 10:04
    Millie Forbes
    Jack Forbes
    Glen McGrath
    Brenda McGrath
  2. 10:14
    Anita Woodward
    Tony Richardson
    Wanda Murphy
    Carolyn Jones
  3. 10:23
    Patsy Simon
    Lorraine Driscoll
    Linda Sutherland
    Bob Sutherland
  4. 10:33
    Neil Stuart
    Sandy Hines
    Jim Stanek
  5. 10:52
    Evie MacDonald
    Licia Elder
    Sarah MacKinnon

Iron Man Groups and Tee Times

  1. 11:01
    Stacy A
    Pat S
    KC M
    Ben Y
  2. 11:11
    Andy A
    Jim E
    Darrell C
    Jeff F
  3. 11:20
    Steve D
    Ken M
    Steve G
    Ryan B
  4. 11:30
    Mike B
    Craig M
    Darren K
    Grant B

2012 Men’s and Ladies Match Plays

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The GAGA Matchplay events are back for 2012.


To sign up for ladies match play, please contact Kathy McNab at kathymcnab@eastlink.ca

Men’s Handicap

Will be run by Ryan Belbin this year.  To sign up for the Men’s Handicap match play, please contact Ryan at ryan.belbin@gmail.com

To see the current Men’s Handicap Matchplay ladder please refer to this page: http://gagagolf.ca/2012-mens-handicap-matchplay/

Men’s Straight Up

Will again be run by KC MacDonald.  To sign up please contact KC at evieandkc@eastlink.ca 


Please Note: Match plays will be starting a bit earlier this year because the course will be open earlier than last year.

Iron Person/Tombstone

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Title: Iron Person/Tombstone
Location: Glen Arbour
Description: Iron Person/Tombstone
Date: 2011-10-16

Glen Arbour – Closing Event

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